and I don’t have to go to the register?

September 11, 2009

I had a really good customer experience and technology experience yesterday I want to share.

For those of you who don’t know, my company is a Technology Services firm and a Microsoft Partner. Granted, I personally have had my own business issues with Microsoft over the years, but nevertheless have passionately touted their technology and helped countless clients solve complex business issues with their technology. More so, I refused to ever even consider Apple products because they’re the enemy. This town ain’t big enough for both Microsoft and Apple. Talking about them in the same sentence was like using the word “Veggie” and “Burger” next to each other in a sentence. In fact, I staunchly swore I’d never own an iPhone.

Well today, not only do I own an iPhone, but I LOVE it. My experience with the iPhone over the last 5 months and Apple in general has been so good, that I actually have started tossing around the idea way in the back of my head (and I mean WAY in the back) of considering a Mac as my next laptop (to allow me to more easily tap in to my creative movie-making/photo-editing/graphic design side). After my experience at the iPhone store yesterday, I’m starting to take my own consideration more seriously.

Nothing against Microsoft – I still love their software from the office apps to SharePoint to the entire .Net platform for business solutions. BUT yesterday I walked in to the iPhone store to buy a battery backup for my iPHone. As a power business user, the battery has been the one thorn in my side. Not only were there plenty of people to help me (despite the store being busy on a Thursday afternoon), but they answered all my questions calmly, patiently and with a level of expertise I don’t often experience at other retailers. I decided on my purchase (the Mophie Juice Pack Air) then looked at the register and the 5 people in line… with a quick glance at my watch, I knew if I waited I’d be late to my client meeting.

No problem! The helpful rep took my Credit Card, ran it through his Symbol Handheld right there, and POW!! – purchase made and receipt emailed to the address of my choice. I walked out with a smile and a skip in my step and a battery backup case that was fully charged ready to go out of the box!

The technology is clearly there – now if only every other retailer, restaurant and anyone else selling something could make buying so much easier, the whole recession thing might actually take care of itself. Kudos Apple – you’re continuing to make me a believer that there is a place in this world for both you and Microsoft.

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