Just the facts ma’am, just the facts

At the gym this morning I was catching up with CNN HLN (Headline News) about all the world’s happenings. Of course “Balloon Boy” was their top story.

The anchor, Richard Lui, was reporting on the Heene family and the possibility they would have to make restitution for all the trouble they caused (and services wasted). That’s fine – every news and infotainment organization will be reporting the same. However it was his last comment that really caught my attention.

“And they should pay every last dime.”

Can’t argue with him on that point. After all, that’s exactly what I said in my blog. But my blog is OPINION. He is reporting the news. I don’t care about his opinion. If I wanted his opinion, I’d read his blog. But he is another symbol of exactly what is wrong with today’s news media, and why I only watch it at the gym (when they have nothing else on). What happened to “just report the facts”? When I was in high school and college and took journalism courses, “just the facts” was not only the mantra of every professor, but the first line in every text book. Yet today, it seems most so-called news “anchors” add their opinion on the stories they report.

I don’t want their opinion. I just want facts. Tell me what happened. I’ll form my own opinion and spew it to the world on my blog. We don’t need CNN or Fox News or ABC or NBC or CBS or anyone else forming my opinions for me.

Just the facts ma’am, just the facts.

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