Haven’t you ever changed your mind?

First, I cannot even believe that this is what I’m writing about. Second, I openly admit that I watched the first season of “The Bachelor.” Yes it’s true. I may even have caught a few episodes of the second season. But, I haven’t watched a single minute of the show since – why would I when train wrecks like the Bret Michaels Love Bus (or whatever it’s called) and those other wacky VH1 shows (how can you not love the “ikki twins”??) are so much more entertaining?

Ever since last night all I have been hearing and reading about from friends and family alike, is what a schmuck this guy on “The Bachelor” is. (And thanks to my friend Sara for explaining to me how the Bachelor himself, during the reunion show last night on National TV, broke up with the woman he proposed to on the show’s finale, only to then turn around and profess his love for the woman he originally spurned on that that same. Got all that? (It took her a couple of explanations until I did).

So what’s all the broo-ha-ha about anyway? My sister says she “hates” the guy. Others have called him an idiot, a loser. But WHY?

OK, granted, maybe national television isn’t the most appropriate place to break up with a woman on. But isn’t that the WHOLE point of the show? All of these women, and men, know exactly what they are getting in to and the exposure they will face. And, considering anyone going on fantasy dates in places around the world would fall in love (or think they did) under the false pretenses that all these dating shows offer, isn’t this exactly what they should expect? Isn’t it exactly what all the viewers should expect? Isn’t this exactly what happens on every soap opera-like show on TV?

And from the guy’s perspective, I say good for him. Bravo – if you’re going to go for it, go big.  So he broke the woman’s heart. She’s a former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for crying out loud – she will not have a problem meeting someone else, under real-life circumstances. The guy (OK I checked, his name is Jason) was undoubtedly under incredible pressure, both self-imposed and nudged upon him by the shows producers. Of course the producers and ABC wanted a dramatic proposal for their finale. And of course they wanted fireworks on the reunion show that started all this hooplah in the first place. Should this guy just stay with a woman for whom his feelings have changed so that America loves him?

And does it even matter?

This show, like every single show on tv, is about one thing. Money. The producers don’t care if someone’s heart gets broken. Are you kidding? They WANT hearts to get broken. They want them shattered. Stomped on. Chewed up and spit out. After all, it makes great TV, especially to all the same people who are all over the Internet ripping this poor guy a new one because he actually is trying to be true to his heart. Good for him.

And while you’re all chastising the guy, the producers are sitting in their office thanking him, and counting their money. Good for them.

So it seems to be, in “reality, everyone got exactly what they deserved for doing these shows in the first place. Good for everyone.

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